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The Luxury Properties website is the ideal place for estate agents in the luxury sector of residential real estate and for companies that offer high-quality living products and services. By exclusively presenting the properties in the proper medium you are able to reach an extremely high-quality purchasing audience. Our website always offers an up-to-date selection of properties.

Advertising opportunities

Advertising on our website increases your visibility on the Internet and reinforces your brand image. As an agent, you provide us the requisite information about the properties, together with high-quality photos. You can always hire the professional photographer that we work with to take your photos.

You receive a software package that you can use to automatically upload your properties to our website. You can also use the software package to add extra information to the offer manually. We also provide a link to the existing software packages on the market (Whise, Skarabee, Fortissimmo, Maximmo...).

You can choose between 4 packages, available according to the number of properties that you wish to publish.

In order to draw additional attention to your most exclusive property, you may opt for our 'Property in the spotlight' offer and in this way highlight it on our homepage, newsletter and social media.

Responsibilities concerning the content of the advertisements

When you place advertisements on our website, you undertake to only provide information that does not conflict with the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, or with ethics and morality. You indemnify Luxury Properties and Luxueus BVBA from any judicial proceedings from third parties concerning the advertisements that you have placed on the website.

Luxury Properties makes every effort to provide a reliable and current range of properties. Neither Luxueus BVBA, nor the physical or moral person that provides us with the range of properties can be held responsible for any mistakes in the content of the range. We recommend that you contact the agent that placed the advertisement before you take a decision concerning the property. In this way you can efficiently determine whether the information provided is correct and up-to-date.

Luxury Properties and Luxueus BVBA can in no instance be held liable for the legality, correctness and content of the advertisements. They can also not be held liable for the quality of the properties and/or services that are promoted in the advertisement. Everything that a user places on the website falls under the responsibility of the user. The user commits himself not to place any content on the website that expresses a political opinion, that has a defamatory, racist or xenophobic overtone, or that encourages discrimination, hate or violence.

Please contact us for information about advertising on our website.


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